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Why is this job perfect for the Femstreet community?
Our mission is to empower creators as the independent businesses of tomorrow. We raised a $3.4m pre-seed round led by Creandum alongside a global community of founders, operators and creators. This is a rare chance to join a diverse team that celebrates uniqueness and whatever makes you, you.

About Passionfroot


We are an early stage start-up that raised funding from Creandum and a global community of founders, angels and creators. Our investors backed and worked at some of the most renown tech companies in the world (e.g. Airbnb, Spotify and Coinbase) or built audiences around their passion such as Ali AbdaalCeline Willers and Doppelgänger Tech Talk.


Our mission is to empower the independent businesses of tomorrow and enable people to work on their own terms. Creators are the fastest growing type of micro businesses. However, the current solutions in the business world are not made to support their growth. Today's creators run multi-million media empires using spreadsheets, personal credit cards and direct messaging.


We're building a no-code tool for creators, solopreneurs and small media companies that helps to sell products and services, save time and run a business - all in one place.


This is a rare chance to join a purpose-driven company and shape our content and community as our Founding Creator. We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you. More information on our career's page.



Passionfroot values

These values are core to our culture. They are the foundational framing we use when making decsions, working together on a daily basis and assessing potential candidates, like you, to join our team.


  • 🐥 Dare to grow

    We believe that life-long learning is truly empowering. Hence, we encourage our team to take ownership and we ensure that everyone can give and receive candid feedback. It's okay to try and make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

  • ❤️‍🔥 Embrace passion

    We believe everyone is unique and has their own passions. We hope that you will be just as passionate about our mission, and use your individual perspective to help us build the best product.

  • 🎁 Serve the community

    We believe that communities are magical and help individuals to find a place where they feel like they belong. We want to serve those who can create communities by building diverse and inclusive communities ourselves.

  • 👨🏿‍🚀 Be a creator

    We believe creators are go-getters and problem solvers who challenge the status quo and find solutions with limited resources at their hand. To truly serve creators, we need to be creators ourselves.


About the role and your impact

Passionfroot is not just a category-defining tech company, it also is a creator and media business itself. Based on the importance of the role we crafted an entirely new role: the Founding Creator. As a Founding Creator you will have the rare chance to not only leave your mark on our content and community strategy but also on the Passion/ Creator Economy as a whole.

  • Develop, manage and execute our content strategy around formats such as newsletter, podcast and social media posts.
  • Strategize on what creator businesses need and create educational resources for creators.
  • Build our creator community and relationships through 1:1s, surveys, events and workshops.
  • Be the architect of belonging and build a strong Passionfroot community around creators.
  • Gather feedback from creators and work with our co-founders and product team to solve problems for creators.
  • You are in the driver's seat to make Passionfroot a company people follow, look up to and feel drawn to.
  • You will be working with, learning with and from creators all over the world.


Our commitment to you

A good working relationship is a two-way street and we certainly value our team members and meet them halfway.

  • We value alliances

    You join our team as a leader with your own voice and opinion. We will have your back and treat you like a partner.

  • Your health and family come first

    Our work is important, but your health and your loved ones are sacro-sanct. We will meet your commitments to yourself and your family responsibilities with both, encouragement and empathy.

  • We won't stop until we get it right

    The only thing we know with certainty is that we don't know everything with certainty. We are on a journey to find answers, together. We encourage you to fail and get up to try again, so we reach our goals faster, together.

  • We learn together

    We are all learning everyday. We will make mistakes, but admit them and learn from them.


About the process

  1. Initial interview with Jens (up to 30min)
  2. Technical interview with Jen (up to 1h)
  3. Cultural fit interview with Michelle (up to 1h)
  4. Conversation with one person of our extended advisory network. You will be able to ask any question you might have. (up to 30min)
  5. Reference call with 2 of your (former) colleagues (up to 15min each)
  6. Final interview with Jens (up to 1h)
  7. We make an offer

Job requirements

About you as a Founding Creator

This is a a key role for our young company and we are excited for someone to join us who wants to pave the way for creators to have an economically and emotionally more sustainable life. We are looking for someone who:

  • Enjoys creating content around the Passion/ Creator Economy and entrepreneurship for various platforms and has a strong affinity for quality visuals and written communication
  • Is excited about the Passion/ Creator Economy and loves creating content and educational resources for a new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Has a track record of engaging audiences both online and offline
  • Loves bringing people together, engaging users and providing people with a positive community experience
  • Comfortable navigating and managing social media tools and has the creative vision to bring the community to life through online engagements and events
  • Wants to grow with the company and build up a team running a media business
  • We value all different types of experiences. If you don’t think you quite meet all of the qualifications, we’d still love to hear from you.


Where we work 

We are based out of Berlin🐻, Germany 🇩🇪. We have a hybrid remote working model giving everyone the choice to work from wherever they want. We will meet regularly to enjoy eachother's company and have a blast together.


How we work

We are pragmatic and value speed when we communicate with each other. Hence, we use Slack on a daily basis when we are not in the same room. We love writing and putting thoughts down on paper. We use Notion every day and sometimes Miro and Figma to visualize complex matters better.

We close a working week with a happy-hour on Friday at 5:30PM CET where we talk about the past work week, what lies ahead and listen to the song of the week (chosen by a team member)💃🏻🕺🏾.



  • Competitive market salary and equity — and flexibility to choose distribution
  • Flexible work that adapts with your needs and mental wellness stipend
  • Generous personal development budget
  • Generous number of vacation days
Passionfroot is a tool that helps creators keep track of their clients, cashflow and projects.
Size:  1-10 employees
Funding Level:  Early-stage Startup
Total Amount Raised:  3.0 M
Year Founded:  2021
Chris Murphy
Tushar Ahluwalia
Johannes Reck
Joachim Hedenius
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